PS4 Jailbreak 11.50 Download | How to Jailbreak PS4 2024

PS4 Jailbreak Download 2024: Jailbreaking a ps4 is a very simple process. All you have to do is download a file from the internet put it into USB, plug your USB drive into your PlayStation 4 console and update your ps4 system software.

How to Jailbreak a PS4 – Basic Info

There are some things that you need to know before you go ahead and jailbreak your PS4.

The PS4 is a closed system, with no way to access the system or data on it. Moreover, Sony have been known for its swiftness when it comes to rolling out new firmware updates in order to patch any vulnerabilities in the PS4 operating system.

In theory, there is no way for a person with just a computer and an internet connection to jailbreak their PlayStation 4 console. In reality though, there have been success stories from time to time, when games with vulnerabilities have been exploited by hackers in order to get access into the console’s operating system.

How to Jailbreak Your PS4 For version 11.50 / 11.02 – Quick Instructions

In order to jailbreak your PS4, you will need a PlayStation 4 system, USB drive and a computer with internet access. You should download the necessary files, which are available for free on this website, onto your USB drive before connecting it to the PlayStation 4.

Download Jailbreak Here

The next step is connect the USB drive to the PS4 and then select custom install. Make sure that you have enabled updates from other sources before doing this or else this will not work.

After that, go to file utility from the main menu and open up explorer. Copy all of the files from your USB drive into file system folder and proceed to rest of the jailbreak ps4 process.

PlayStation 4 Jailbreak 11.50 / 11.02 – Detailed Step by Step Guide

I can write a 4k to 7k words guide on how do you jailbreak a ps4 in 2023, but I will keep it as simple as I can so even a ten years old can understand the PlayStation 4 Jailbreaking process. So let’s get started with easy-to-do ps4 11.02 jailbreak steps.

    1. Download PS4 Jailbreak From This Link Here
    2. Create a folder on your computer and name it PS4
    3. Now create a folder inside the PS4 folder and name it UPDATE
    4. Copy downloaded file (i.e.ps4update.pup) into the UPDATE folder (that you just created)
    5. Now plug a USB into your computer
    6. Move/Copy PS4 directory/folder into the USB stick
    7. Plug that USB into your PlayStation 4 console
    8. On Your PS4 console navigate to Settings >Update  System Software > Update from Storage Device
    9. Your PS4 will say it has found Version PS4 11.50*.
    10. Choose OK and accept conditions and install the update.
    11. It will take less than a minute and your PS4 console will update, beep 4 times then shut down.
    12. Turn on your PS4. It is now jailbroken.

If you still having trouble in updating your PS4 software feel free to contact us at any time, we will respond you back within 2-4 hours.

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